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It is a well-known fact that house cleaners are more prone to develop respiratory infections than the general population. However, with the right information, one can prevent the spread of these respiratory infections. The best way to avoid spreading them is by not allowing your cleaners into other households unless you completely quarantine them and by not letting them touch your belongings unless it is absolutely necessary. If you’re an employer whose employees are concerned about the possible health risks of allowing house cleaners into your quarantine zone, remember that in most cases it is the cleaner who faces the greatest risk of being exposed to the germs of other families and the ill-reputed houses where they work.

Dusting & Vacuuming

One common cause of respiratory infections in house cleaners is dust. Dust particles are large enough to settle on the face and body of your cleaners and cause irritation. Maid service Charlotte NC will often wear masks and goggles to protect their eyes and face from harmful particles that are constantly floating around. This allows them to perform their cleaning activities effectively. Dust particles are often brought into the house by the dust mites living in the home or by household debris, such as rags, soaps, and pet dander. As long as the particles remain airborne, it is quite easy for them to travel to your cleaners through their own breathing, and onto their own skin.

Clean Environment in the Home

Another cause of a respiratory infection in house cleaners is the environment of your home. Some people, especially children, may not be able to distinguish between good and bad germs. Other people may not be aware that the dust in their home is causing irritation to their respiratory tract. You can alleviate this condition by simply keeping the dust particles from accumulating on the walls, floors, and furniture. Once you have finished your cleaning activity, vacuum the affected areas to remove all the dust particles.